On the settings tab you will find options and settings which apply to the app or across all projects:

Configure identities

Here you will find a list of your configured accounts. Currently you can only create an account by using our registration service (SketShDb-ID). Normally this is done directly after the first start of the app by registering. In future, there might be more options, like authenticating with a third party account, an OpenId or within an organization via a local directory service. Then it would be possible to use different accounts for different projects.

For this reason, currently there can only be one single record in the list of accounts. By tapping on the account entry you can choose between:


This list shows the configured replication servers, that can be used to share projects with other users. Each server can host multiple projects which is the reason why this option is located in the general settings. The servers list provides these options:

Security & Privacy


The backups list show all your backups stored on your iCloud Drive2, including those created on a different device (but with the same iCloud account).

The icon shows if the backup is already downloaded to your device or if it is present just in iCloud.

Tapping on a list entry reveals the following options:


The templates list has two sections: "Your templates" showing the template files on your device or on your iCloud drive and "Public templates" showing the templates contained in SketShDb, provided by us or the SketShDb community. Your templates can be deleted or renamed, whereas public templates can neither be deleted nor edited. If you want to publish a private template to everyone using SketShDb, you can use the respective option to create an email with the template file attached. We will try your template out and add it to the public templates list.

The icon of your template shows if the template is only present just in iCloud or already present on the device.

Tapping an entry in the list show the options:


The free edition of SketShDb shows ads and is restricted to certain functionalities and a certain number of projects / types and views per project / favorites, etc. Purchase a paid subscription to upgrade or renew your subscription here. Unfold the different edition descriptions to see the differences between the options.

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  2. "Apple", "iCloud" and "iCloud Drive" are trademarks of Apple Inc.